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Department for Environment and Water (DEW) has updated their permits application on the 1st of July 2019 For Further Details Click the link below

Sunday the 23rd of February

New Members Orientation Workshop – FINANCIAL MEMBERS ONLY

Masonic Hall, 1 Fisher Street, Tusmore. From 11am – 3pm

Are you in a bushfire impacted area?

Has wildlife returned but there’s no food?

Fauna Rescue can help – AT NO COST TO YOU

Here’s how …
Fauna Rescue of SA Inc will assist wildlife in fire damaged areas in the Adelaide
Hills and, where possible, on Kangaroo Island. We can assist with:
1. Arranging food drops where wildlife is present but food is limited or
non-existent, until regrowth occurs.
2. Supporting property owners who have sighted populations of wildlife on
their land and would like assistance to feed them.
3. Supplying and installing feed stations and water stations (if needed) for a
variety of native animals.
4. Installing temporary shelters for wildlife ie possum and bird boxes.
5. Rescuing injured, orphaned or sick wildlife.
6. Supporting people rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife.
7. Possibly contributing to re-vegetation projects.
Please email Fauna Rescue of SA Inc for assistance at info@faunarescue.org.au

Fauna Rescue (FR) has received huge numbers of wonderful emails, calls and Facebook posts offering help in the current crisis. Here’s how you can help …
You can donate via our website https://www.faunarescue.org.au/donations/ (please put “donation” where it says “Order ID”), or by EFT (see end of this notice). All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. If you would like your donation to be directed to specific
species, please type the species after the word donation, (please put “donation – ‘species’” where it says “Invoice Number”),
All of our volunteers are members of FR. Please consider joining FR and we will train you in whatever your area of interest is. You will then be ready and able to assist in your area/s of interest during calmer times and also be ready for the next crisis when your help will be invaluable. https://www.faunarescue.org.au/membership/
We have had a big response to this and it is full. You can add your name to the waiting list on our Facebook page (search Fauna Rescue of South Australia for “masonic hall” and look for the post Monday 13th January at 9.15pm). Watch this page for booking links to open for future workshops https://www.faunarescue.org.au/events/ if you are a new member, your welcome email will explain how to contact team leaders to seek training with a “buddy”.
At present we have a large stock of first aid materials, towels, linen and pouches, and are not able to accept more.
Thank you so much for your interest in our beautiful native wildlife.
To make an EFT Donation:
Banking details
Account name: Fauna Rescue of SA Inc
BSB: 105126
Bank SA, Account no: 037184840
Please state reference as “Donation – ‘your name’”, AND email us at info@faunarescue.org.au with details of your donation so that we can send you a tax deductible receipt.


found injured wildlife?

Please DO NOT use email to contact Fauna Rescue for wildlife that is injured, requires rescuing or re-locating.

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